Teen Who Opened Fake Medical Practice Indicted For Trying To Illegally Purchase A Car


Malachi Love-Robinson made headlines last year for portraying the role of a doctor in West Palm Beach, Fla., where his small practice was frequented by a handful of unsuspecting patients. His activities were brought to the attention of authorities by an undercover officer, who ruled that Love-Robinson was assuming the role of a doctor without a sufficient medical license.

Since then, Love-Robinson seemingly became a mainstay with law enforcement after he was charged with larceny for receiving a profit off of stolen checks from elderly patients. But his prowess to remain under the law’s radar has failed yet again.

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According to NBC News, the 19-year-old was indicted in Virginia after he sought to illegally purchase a Jaguar vehicle, priced at $35,000. The news site adds that Love-Robinson’s ploy was thwarted once an employee noticed that he presented a false earnings statement. An unidentified woman who was with Love-Robinson at the time, said she had no plans on signing a loan for the car. The teen claims the accompaniment was his godmother. She stated that she was unaware of the fraudulent credit charges that were under her name. Other purchases included a cellphone and two iPads, The Root reports.

In a statement issued by the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office, employees grew leery of Love-Robinson’s documents, and “Googled his name and found that a subject with the same name had been arrested numerous times on fraud-type charges in the state of Florida.”

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The teen now faces indictments of identity fraud, and usage of false statements as a means of obtaining credit. His journey outside of Florida was also prohibited because he failed to receive permission to travel out of the state.