Security Camera Captures Gunman Opening Fire At Fort Lauderdale Airport

A security camera from inside Fort Lauderdale Hollywood-International Airport captured chilling footage of the mass shooting. In the footage, released by TMZ  Sunday (Jan. 8), the gunman casually walks by the camera and begins firing into a group of unsuspecting travelers.

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The shooter has been identified as 26-year-old Esteban Santiago, and Army vet that relatives say “changed” since returning from a tour in Iraq.

According to an aunt, Esteban suffered haunting visions, and spoke about seeing children killed during his time in the Middle East.

“His mind was not right,” recalled Maria Ruiz, while a cousin asserted that Esteban sought help that he never received.

“They had him hospitalized for four days, and then they let him go,” said Bryan Santiago. “How are you going to let someone leave a psychological center after four days when he is saying that he is hearing voices?”

Four of the five shooting victims have been identified as Michael Oehme, 57, Terry Andres, 62, Shirley Timmons, 70, and Olga Woltering Harris, a grandmother who was in her 80s.

See video of the shooting below.

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