Frank Ocean’s Mom Is In Favor Of Removing Kim Burrell From ‘Blonde’


The backlash hasn’t let up for Kim Burrell. The gospel singer is feeling the stings from the general public this week after her anti-gay sermon went viral. One of her critics is Katonya Breaux, the mother of Frank Ocean.

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Burrell appeared with Ocean on “Godspeed,” a track from his critically-acclaimed album, Blonde. The singer has been open about his sexuality while lending support to the LGBTQ community, which is more than likely the reason behind Breaux’s recommendation to “crop” her vocals from the track.

“I came to tell you about sin,” Burrell said at the Love and Liberty Fellowship Church International in Houston,TX. “That perverted homosexual spirit, and the spirit of delusion and confusion, it has deceived many men and women.” The footage was seen on Facebook Live and shared on social media during the holiday season.

Pitchfork points out Burrell’s music has been a favorite of the Ocean’s dating back to his childhood. In a 2010 Tumblr post, the singer cited the church as the “hood julliard” with an embed to Burrell’s 1995 single, “Home.” Before Breaux shared her thoughts on Twitter, fans were already releasing thinking face emoji’s on Burrell’s decision to work with the elusive singer despite her thoughts on the gay community.

So far, Burrell has been given on thing—the boot from appearing on Ellen this Thursday (Dec. 5). The singer was slated to appear on the show with Pharrell and Janelle Monaé to perform their track “I See a Victory,” from the Hidden Figures soundtrack. Burrell does have Tamar Braxton in her corner. After telling TMZ the singer needs to be shown some love, Braxton took to social media to slam critics who have “nailed Burrell to the cross” about her comments. “Here is the thing…While I DO NOT agree on ANY level about what Kim said nor feels …most of ya’ll are nailing her to the cross meanwhile most of ya’ll voted for Trump!,” she said. “PLEASE have several [seats]. Ya’ll ripping her to shreds for what she has been taught in church (hell most of us [have]).”

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