Watch Gallant’s Soothing ‘Tiny Desk’ Concert


Gallant wasn’t always a showstopping, Coachella performing, R&B star. Not long ago, the singer was just another college student at NYU trying to find his way. It was his musical drive that made the crooner devote his sole focus to his passion.

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It paid off big time, too. Michael Gallant’s 2016 Ology album was just nominated for a Grammy in the Best Urban Contemporary Album category. But the show doesn’t stop there; he also recently dropped by the NPR office for their Tiny Desk concert series.

The highlight of the performance came when Dani Ivory stepped in for Jhene Aiko during their soulful rendition of “Skipping Stones.”

“Bourbon” (feat. Saba)
“Skipping Stones” (feat. Dani Ivory)
“Weight In Gold”

Gallant (vocals); Wes Switzer (bass); Dani Ivory (keys, vocals); Dylan Jones (guitar); A.J. Novak (percussion); featuring guest rapper Saba in “Bourbon.”

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