Let’s Review Gucci Mane’s ‘Highly Questionable’ Interview Answers

A few years ago it was clear that trap veteran Gucci Mane was going through issues with his numerous Internet stunts, beefs, and absence from music. But ever since his release from prison last year (2016), Guwop has been on a new path.

With help from his wifey, he has managed to stay away from drugs completely (even weed), adopted a life of health and fitness, and released 3 albums as a newly freed man.

Gucci recently sat down with the hosts of ESPN’s Highly Questionable — Bomani Jones and Dan Le Batard and “Papi” — about dealing with his past demons, his past near death incident, and more drama. The rapper’s openness about dealing with his addictions shows how much he has healed as an individual.

When describing the withdrawals he went through as Lean addict, Gucci says “drying out from drinking lean, I guess, is probably the worst feeling in the world. It tears your body down. It tears your mind down. You’ve been doing something for so long. It’s kind of like food; it’s like starving. It’s indescribable, it’s terrible, terrible pain.”