Premiere: Howie DoDat & Corey Finesse Shut Down All The “Gossip” (Video)


New York native Howie DoDat is not one to stand for the crap that spills out from the rumor mill. Growing up in Spring Valley, NY, Howie and his crew learned how to handle all the chitty chatty losers that would refer to them as “those Haitian kids.” Instead of starting more problems, Howie hit the studio to shut down every shameful word to come from his haters along with his homie Corey Finesse.

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In the video for their single “Gossip,” Howie and Corey pulls the zipper over anyone who they think is talking smack over a Ty Real-produced instrumental. They silence their enemies by living it up in a fancy, high-rise apartment building while they sip their Hennessy and vibe with a few bad models.

Watch the world premiere of Howie DoDat and Corey Finesse’s video for “Gossip” below.