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Ice Cube's Big3 Basketball League Will Bring A New Energy To The Game...And Allen Iverson

TheBig3 will be coming to an arena near you starting June 24. 

"I hate seeing my favorite players retire when they still have game," said Ice Cube, as he addressed the assembled group of press in a suit at the cozy Times Square Sheraton Hotel Wednesday (Jan.11), "I got my heroes too." Cube introduced his newest venture, The Big3 basketball league, along with his business partner of 20 years Jeff Kwatinetz. They also tapped former NBPA Deputy Executive Director, Roger Mason J.R. as its commissioner.

Anything the producer and music legend puts his hands in seems to turn to gold, and he could have another treasure here. The 3-on-3 league's first press conference was run smoothly, as it felt like you were at an NBA team's presser.

The league's addition of Hall-of-Famer Allen Iverson doesn't hurt either. Iverson will take part in tournaments as a coach and a player. The Answer spoke about how competitive he expects the league to be, and says his dream three would include himself, "Shaq and Kobe, not even a question."

Big3 will be uniting basketball greats on the floor for the ultimate fan experience in arenas spanning the country. Former NBA stars already on board include, Chauncey Billups, Kenyon Martin, Stephen Jackson, Jermaine O'Neal, Rashard Lewis, Jason Williams, Bonzi Wells and Mike Bibby.

Each team in the eight-team league will be comprised of five players and a coach, with regular season games taking place June 24 through Aug. 26, with the last two Saturdays being playoff games. Each team will play every weekend, so fans will have admission to four exciting games, along with a special halftime performance to create the ultimate fan experience.

Cube plans to take the half-court experience to major arenas throughout the country. Here are some major rule changes you will see in the Big3 league, that have been argued over at nausea, as they hammered out the details over the past year:

  • 4-Point Line. three circles will be featured about 30-feet from the hoop. Any basket made from their will count for four points.
  • The game is half-court, so the athletes are sure to not tire throughout the season.
  • Games are first to 60 points, with halftime being when the first team reaches 30.
  • Team must win by 4.

The league should light up the summer, a time when sports—prefebably basketball—are sadly missing. Cube is hoping fans will turn in when "there's nothing on television." The Cali native said his hip-hop basketball squad would feature The Game, "Ride Along" partner Kevin Hart, and Snoop Dogg.

It's safe to say we're ready for something fresh and new in the game.

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A day after reports of a video of a detained Delonte West began to gain commentary, an officer who filmed him recounting the situation has been suspended. According to NBC News, local Maryland police authorities believed a bystander recorded the viral video of Delonte in handcuffs but soon discovered it was one of their own. The authorities are unsure as to how the video appeared on the Internet.

Another view of the incident, which occurred on Monday (Jan. 20) near the MGM National Harbor casino, shows West laid out on the road as an unidentified person proceeds to hit him. The officers stated that morning, West and the other person, who are familiar with each other, engaged in an argument.

A former college basketball teammate of West's, Jameer Nelson, posted a message to Twitter following news of the former pro-athlete's situation. “To answer everybody that’s reaching out to me about his situation… all we can do is pray for him and his family and hope that he seeks the proper help," Nelson said. "Mental illness is something that a lot of people deal with and don’t even know it, until sometimes it’s too late. I’m not sure what exactly is going on with Dwest but he knows I’m in his corner and will help him get through this."

— Jameer Nelson (@jameernelson) January 21, 2020

In 2015, West was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Previous reports state the former NBA player has family and friends that are providing him with support. According to TMZ, the NBA is also offering West assistance.

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Delonte West's Recent Video Draws Swift Reaction From Former Coach Phil Martelli

Recently, a video of former NBA player Delonte West appeared on various social media accounts, showing a detained West who appeared to be distressed. The visual prompted reactions from West's college basketball coach Phil Martelli and his teammate at that time, Jameer Nelson, ESPN reports.

"Over the past several hours I have talked with many who are willing to help—please read and embrace Jameer's wisdom—we are reaching out to our basketball network to get the progressional help Delonte needs," Martelli said. "This is so very painful." In the video, West says someone with a gun approached him and physically assaulted him.

Over the past several hours I have talked with many who are willing to help - please read and embrace Jameer’s wisdom - we are reaching out to our basketball network to get the professional help Delonte needs. This is so very painful.

— Phil Martelli (@PhilMartelli) January 21, 2020

In an interview with TMZ, West's agent Aaron Goodwin said the former Dallas Maverick's family is supporting him as well as the NBA. In 2016, West was checked in to a medical facility to treat his mental health. Since being drafted to the NBA in 2004 by the Boston Celtics, West has played for teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Minnesota Timberwolves, and the Dallas Mavericks.

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Odell Beckham Jr. #13 of the Cleveland Browns warms up prior to the game against the Baltimore Ravens at FirstEnergy Stadium on December 22, 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio.
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College Football Officials Pondering Policy Changes After Incident With Odell Beckham Jr.

A domino effect might be on the horizon after Odell Beckham Jr.'s encounter with LSU players and a security officer that led to arrest warrants and debates about possible NCAA violations.

Speaking to USA Today Sports Thursday (Jan 16) executive director Bill Hancock said officials from the College Football Playoff will investigate practices that allow non-players to engage with players on the sidelines during events such as the national semifinals and championship games.

“Being on the sidelines is a privilege,” Hancock told the outlet. “Along with any privilege comes responsibility, because the focus should be on the people playing and coaching in the game, rather than on any visitors. The CFP will be reviewing its policy for allowing guests onto the sidelines and into locker rooms at future games.”

While the LSU Tigers beat Clemson Monday to secure a spot in the national championship, all eyes were on the Cleveland Browns wide receiver for handing out money to players and slapping the buttocks of a Superdome security guard. The incident took place in the LSU locker room. It was initially reported that the money was fake but it was confirmed that the money was actually real.

Video of the incident went viral and just a few days later, New Orleans Police Department public affairs officer Juan Barnes confirmed that the security guard filed the complaint. An arrest warrant for simple battery was issued against Beckham Jr. on Thursday.

The NFL star and former LSU player possibly committed an NCAA violation "if it’s determined athletes with eligibility remaining received cash," USA Today Sports mentions. OBJ and his representatives are cooperating with authorities, the Browns said in a statement.

Statement regarding Odell Beckham Jr. incident:

— Cleveland Browns (@Browns) January 16, 2020

LSU will now investigate the incident to confirm if any NCAA violations were committed and if it will affect any of the players seen in the video.

Many have pointed exactly why the officer was in the locker room in the first place. As the players were celebrating their big win, the security guard allegedly threatened the players who were smoking cigars in the locker room. Stephen A. Smith reacted to the news and the NCAA possible violation as "bogus."

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