India.Arie Is Tired Of Everyone Pointing Fingers At Chrisette Michele


With everything that’s happening in the world, India.Arie doesn’t think Chrisette Michele should be the center of attention.

In an open letter on Twitter, the “Just Do You” singer explains that she, like many others, doesn’t agree with the Milestone artist’s decision to perform at the inauguration of Donald Trump. Yet, she asserts that Michele’s opponents are misplacing their anger.

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“Social media is a powerful tool, that becomes a weapon, when people start treating each other as little more, than the little blue screen in front of them,” she wrote. ?”Basic truth: When we see people as less than human, it gives us permission to treat each other as less than human. THIS IS THE FUNDAMENTAL ISSUE FACING AMERICA AT THIS TIME. SO, why do it to each other on an interpersonal level?”

The neo-soul veteran goes on to address “woke” people, who she believes toe the line of disrespect in their attempt to hold others accountable. “I’m not saying we shouldn’t say ANYTHING! I AM SAYING, LET LOOK AT HOW WE ARE SAYING WHAT WE SAY. Why the abuse? and the ‘Canceling Chrisette Michele in 2017?’ and all of that? come on guys,” Arie explained.

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“I think the WAY we are responding is an EXTREME – and I think the reason WHY is so extreme, is that it’s misplaced FEAR and Anger. Chrisette is a trigger for our fear – not the cause nor should she be the focus of it,” she continued. ?”WHERE WE ARE IN OUR COLLECTIVE JOURNEY AS A HUMANITY, WITH EVERYTHING happening in the world, the WRONG thing to do is turn on each other out of our own fear and pain. BECAUSE THAT, is how we lose power!”

Michele, who has also been “disowned” by her family members, thanked her sister in music for standing up for her amid a sea of critical voices.

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