Jarren Benton Travels Down The “Dark Roads” Of His Mind

New Releases

Jarren Benton released his highly anticipated Slow Motion Vol. 2 during summer ’16. Met positive reviews from critics across the board, the rapper is keeping the fire burning on the project.

More than six months later, the Georgia native released the Saarena Dominguez assisted visuals to “Dark Days,” a track that created significant buzz off of the mixtape.

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The project is dedicated to his late friend and manager, Jahmal “Slow Motion” Pryor, who passed away in 2013. The skilled emcee rapers “2 Years since my n*gga died/1 year since a n*gga cried.”

On the song, he admits the inner battles that he has been fighting, “Funny what a little fame’ll do to ya Lately I’ve been trying to keep my circle small. Right before the show we sniffing adderall. Right before the show we chugging alcohol.”