Interview: Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt And Michael Sheen Discuss ‘Passengers’

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What would you do if you were trapped in a spaceship for 90 years? In the film Passengers, director Morten Tyldum attempts to answer this question as its two main characters, Jim (Chris Pratt) and Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence), are transported to a whole new world.

Initially, their quiet, sedated journey was supposed to last 120 years. Yet due to a glitch, both were awakened 90 years earlier. Inside this futuristic tale, there’s a world of love that presides among their new habitual galaxy. It’s charming, funny and at times even desirable.

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Amid the romance, there are clever one-liners, and multiple words of wisdom from the ship’s robotic bar tender, Arthur (Michael Sheen), who’s there to provide as much emotional (or logical) support as a robot can.

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Moviegoers will also witness a story of survival. Jim and Aurora are forced to live 90 years of their lives on a spaceship. To say the least, being able to transport and travel to another world from our own in a literal sense is intriguing. Would you do it when this current world gets inhabitable? What would you change about the one you currently reside in? These are all questions Lawrence, Pratt and Sheen attempt to answer.

Here, VIBE jumped inside their inner worlds to find out more about what being a passenger is really like in their galaxies. Passengers is currently in theaters.