Karrueche Weighs In On Soulja Boy And Chris Brown’s Feud, Brown Issues Scathing Retort

As we’ve previously stated, Chris Brown isn’t new to this. The famed singer, songwriter and dancer has feuded with many celebrities and knows that one must have time in order to fully participate in any Internet beef, and the Royalty singer has all the time in the world today.

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After Soulja Boy called out Breezy for allegedly wanting to fight him over comments left under Karrueche’s Instagram, Brown responded in kind and challenged the Atlanta rapper to an old-fashioned dual. (Read: three rounds in the ring at their local boxing gym) The two proceeded to go back and forth on social media while K sat cute and quietly off camera not engaging.

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That all changed Tuesday afternoon (January 3) when the 5-foot-1 inch actress took to Instagram to offer her two cents in the matter.

#Karrueche comments on this whole #SouljaBoy and #ChrisBrown feud #clapbackseason

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“This isn’t cool or funny,” the 28-year-old. “It’s draining not just for me but for everyone. There’s so much more out there in life then “Twitter beefs.” Brown found Karrueche’s input unnecessary and issued a nasty retort to his former flame. Tearing into her and her attacking her fame, which he claims he gave to her.

#ChrisBrown responds to #Karrueche #clapbackseason — We guess y’all can stop hoping for that #Chrae reunion

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It was a mixed bags of emotions on Twitter, with some thinking his response was hilarious while others found it as proof Chris Brown hasn’t grown past his anger issues.