Key & Peele Perform Final “Obama Anger Translator” Skit On ‘The Daily Show’


Comedy duo Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele created some of the most outlandish-yet-hilarious characters on their Comedy Central sketch show before it ended in 2015. One of the most memorable was Luther, the anger translator (played by Key) who acted as the irate inner voice of President Barack Obama (played by Peele).

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In honor of the President’s last few weeks in office, Key and Peele reunited on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Thursday (Jan. 5) to showcase one last Luther sketch for the culture and for “catharsis.”

In the video, the President is giving his final address with Luther by his side. However, he assures that Luther will keep his cool to maintain the integrity of the address so that the President can properly “heal the divide” the country currently faces.

“How did this happen man? Y’all gonna vote for a man who makes America hate again??” Luther yells almost instantly. “Don’t you understand? This is how The Hunger Games starts! They [the people] voted for Hillary Clinton, but then, this outdated, mumbo jumbo, electoral college, voodoo bull sh**… he didn’t even want the job, guys! I saw it in his eyes, dude was shook!”

Luther continues his tirade by kicking things, stomping around and yelling about how the Republican-controlled House and Senate didn’t let Obama do anything.

“America, it’s been real, and it’s been good…but it ain’t been real good” said Peele as Obama.

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“Good luck with your health care, a**holes. I’m out,” finished Luther before leaving frame with one final remark, which you can see in the full sketch below.