Latina Activist Schools Undocumented Immigrants On Their Amendment Rights


Many undocumented immigrants are unaware how the U.S. Constitution extends to them, but activist Gabriela Castañeda plans to turn that around.

“This is people that’s been in the country undocumented for almost 15 or 16 years, and they don’t know their rights,” she told Fusion. “It’s people that live very afraid, has a very undignified life because, on a daily basis, they fear that they might be stopped by a sheriff.”

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The Latina is no stranger to that fear as a former undocumented immigrant herself. Today, she helps the community understand how they are protected under the Fourth and Fifth Amendment as a communications director for Border Network for Human Rights in El Paso, Texas.

“They need to remember that, first of all, the Fourth Amendment says nobody can enter your home without a search warrant or without your permission,” she explained. “Most of the people failed to plead the Fifth, which is the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which says that you have the right to remain silent when questioned by ICE, police, law enforcement agencies, especially about your status in the country.”

Watch how Castañeda makes an impact here:

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