Lee Daniels Clarifies Comments On Wanting “White People To Feel Good About Being White”


Lee Daniels is firing back at backlash after stating that he created the show, STAR, so that white people “feel good about being white.” Speaking to TMZ Friday (Jan. 6), Daniels explained that casting a white lead among a predominately black cast is a nod to improving race relations.

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“When I did my show, STAR, it was before Donald Trump was in office,” Daniels says. “I did everything I could so that man wouldn’t be in office. I predicted that we’d be in a civil war, and that was the purpose of creating STAR.”

Daniels goes on to assert that STAR was born to “help heal our nation” during what he called a “very dark time.”

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“No matter what I do, my words will be twisted,” he adds.

Check out Daniels’ full response below.

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