London Barbershop Offers Free Haircuts To Young Men Going On Job Interviews


Anderson Boyce is giving back to his community one haircut at a time. Boyce, owner of Hair Force One in East London, is offering free haircuts to customers who have upcoming job interviews.

The 34-year-old barber collaborated with a local job center and YMCA to spread the word about “Career Cuts,” which he offers to customers between the ages of 16 and 24.

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“After brainstorming we surmised that youth unemployment in our community is a huge issue and asked ourselves what we could offer to assist in getting them into work,” Boyce told Modern Barber UK. “Interviews are the first step and not everyone has the ways and means to make themselves presentable for interview purposes. Appearance is a big factor when attending an interview and having a haircut can give someone that groomed look and create a feeling of confidence. Thus the incentive ‘Career Cuts’ was born.”

Besides giving customers an “extra level of confidence,” Boyce gets a chance to share interview tips.

“The average length of a haircut is 30 to 45 minutes so whilst I don’t have them for very long I make every effort to coach them and give them some of the necessary skills needed in interview scenarios,” he explained. “Things such as how to articulate, meet and greet, pronunciation, posture and other skills that I feel may be useful.”

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