Magic Johnson Slams #MuslimBan, Says Trump Needs To Stop Acting Like A Dictator


NBA legend Magic Johnson held nothing back when asked by TMZ cameras about the recent developments in President Donald Trump’s new immigration policy, in which Muslims from seven countries will be denied entry into the United States for the time being.

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“It’s wrong to discriminate against people,” the former L.A. Laker said when leaving the W Hotel on Sunday (Jan. 29).

“We have a lot of great Muslim brothers and sisters who are here and doing a wonderful job of being great Americans,” he continued. “It’s not just them, [he] wants to send Latinos back home and build a wall to keep people out. It’s just not who we are as Americans…It’s just not a good time, and he’s gotta learn that you can’t just be a dictator. We’ve never had a President like that, we’ve always had a President who brought the country together and brought all people together…that’s what we need today, right now, and we’re not getting that.”

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He also said that he hopes that “something clicks” in Trump’s head or that somebody in his cabinet can talk some sense into him because “this is not right.”

Check out the video below.