Man Loses Ear During Argument With Roommate Over Donald Trump


A heated discussion concerning Donald Trump resulted in one man’s trip to the ER. According to the Washington Post, two Pittsburgh roommates engaged in a physical match after one unidentified man said something triggering about the Republican, to which his roommate decided to bite off a portion of his right ear.

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The victim hinted that the incident was a result of his roommate’s intoxication during that moment, which he said occurred on Monday (Jan. 23) near 3 a.m. His roommate was reportedly watching Trump onscreen when he began to get infuriated with the president. According to the victim, his roommate feared that he would get deported back to Mexico under Trump’s administration. The suspect is a legal resident, reports the Post.

“Anytime he’s drinking, he’s going crazy,” he told KDKA News. “All he would say is ‘if Donald Trump gonna take me out I gotta kill so many people, then somebody kill me and I am happy.”

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The news site adds that authorities are still searching for the suspect, while a portion of the victim’s ear was stitched back on at UPMC Presbyterian hospital.

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