Matt Barnes Will Reportedly Concede To NYPD For NYC Nightclub Incident

Sacramento Kings forward Matt Barnes is expected to turn himself in to the New York Police Department in the coming days, according to the New York Daily NewsThe 36-year-old was slapped with a misdemeanor assault charge stemming from an altercation at a nightclub during an early December NYC road trip.

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All-Star teammate DeMarcus Cousins was also reportedly involved in the Chelsea club scuffle, along with several other patrons at the bar. An argument between Barnes and a woman apparently ignited the fight. The 36-year-old NBA player allegedly struck Jasmine Besiso and Myrone Powell. The two victims said they were not involved in the dispute, but hopped in after they saw Barnes choking the woman he was arguing with.

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The NYPD announced that Barnes, who claimed he was a victim in the case, would be the only person charged in the incident. The former New York Knick was also sued by the injured couple, and is expected to be in the metropolitan area sometime next week.