Michelle Obama Thanks Her Mother For Her Success As First Lady On ‘The Tonight Show’

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Just one day after President Obama gave his farewell speech and tearfully thanked Michelle Obama, Mrs. Obama made her final late-night talk show appearance as First Lady Wednesday night (June 11) with longtime friend and supporter Jimmy Fallon. Obama was welcomed to The Tonight Show with a standing ovation from the studio audience, which caused her to get a little misty eyed.

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As the interview began, Obama explained that while she’s ready to leave the White House, she’s surprised at how emotional these final days have been. Fallon praised Obama for her grace, dignity and the way she carried herself on the world stage. Obama humbly thanked Fallon, and then used the moment to credit her mother Marian Robinson for helping assist with the raising of Sasha and Malia, and for also being her role model.

“Couldn’t have done this without her,” Obama said after revealing Robinson left the White House after Christmas.”I couldn’t have done this without you, mom. You are my role model. You are an amazing woman even though you don’t think you had anything to do with me. She always says ‘You raised yourself’ and it’s like I did not. It was you and dad. But just having that multigenerational existence kept us all grounded. Mom doesn’t really play. She’s not impressed with any of us. Grandma is amazing and I love you, mom and I’m proud of you because you represented this country too.”

It was a fun and emotional evening for Obama. The First Lady took part in the show’s ‘Thank You Notes’ segment in which she thanked the president, calling him a “silver fox.” However the night’s tears came when Obama surprised guests in a pre-recorded segment who wanted to thank her for all she’s done and how she’s represented the country.

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It was an excellent send off by Jimmy Fallon and company for the First Lady. Watch it unfold below.