Late Night Shows Took Notice Of The Migos After Donald Glover’s Salute

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The Migos have been taking it all in on this press run for their sophomore album Culture, but the invites weren’t always there from reluctant media outlets. The Atlanta trio made their late night debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week (Jan. 17) with a lit performance of “Bad And Boujee.” Having a number one record will definitely help with exposure, but Quality Control executive Pierre “Pee” Thomas credits Donald Glover’s Golden Globes nod as the jumping off point.

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Thomas revealed in an interview with the New York Times that certain television shows, “gave all kinds of excuses—not the right time, it’s not this, it’s not that. As soon as Donald Glover did that, the next day, all the people who had just denied us wanted them on their show.”

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The “Versace” artists have appeared on almost every major radio station and television network since the Childish Gambino stamp of approval where he said, “I’d like to thank the Migos—not for being on the show, but for making ‘Bad and Boujee.’ Like, that’s the best song ever.” Glover later crowned the group “the Beatles of this generation.”

It’s all coming together for the Quality Control artists, who released their album today (Jan. 27). The project has received all-star cosigns from industry collaborators such as Big Sean and Kanye West. There is even a petition to get the group to perform instead of Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl since Atlanta is playing.

Make sure to cop the bonafide project, which is now on iTunes.