Miguel’s Acting Debut Inspires Possible Spanish-Language Album

Right when we thought Miguel was doing it big after being cast in a featured film, the artist reveals his plans to release an album fully in Spanish.

The singer of Mexican decent was cast in Ben Affleck’s Live By Night as Esteban, a Cuban club owner alongside Affleck and Zoe Saldaña. This was not only a venture into the film world but the spark behind a musical project. The film is set in the roaring 20s during the prohibition era, but Miguel had no trouble finding familiar nuances between him and his character.

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Miguel told Billboard of his role: “I have a lot of similarities with the character that I play in this film. He’s an artist at heart and he’s passionate about what he does, but he has to learn to put business first to survive. And at the same time, he puts his relationship with his family first and he’s so close to his sister, just how I am with my brother. I felt very connected to Esteban.”  He went on to say he preferred to keep from portraying an artist on screen, as he wants to gain respect in the field first.

The singer-songwriter also spoke to Latina about his acting debut and a possible new project saying, “I do think that the direction of my music is a little bit different [from Cuban band music], but I will say that the experience in getting to know about Cuban culture and history made me want to explore more and more my connection with my Latin roots, especially with music.”

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Miguel has been proudly embracing his Latino identity in every aspect, from his wardrobe to his art form. Now, after his film debut, he makes it clear that his ambition is to create a full Spanish-language LP and master the craft of writing songs in his second tongue.

“Writing songs in Spanish is one of the things I started exploring after working on this film. I look forward to working on more music in Spanish. It sounds ambitious, but I’m looking to release an album in Spanish later on this year,” he said. “If nothing else, at least releasing a single or two in Spanish. Hopefully, you guys stay tuned to that.”

After releasing a Spanish cover to Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” for  Fifty Shades Darker, we’ve no doubt Miguel has what it takes to craft a solid Spanish-language project.

Live By Night is in theaters everywhere.

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