Moving Vans Have Been Spotted Outside of Obama’s New D.C. Home


It’s time. Whether you like it or not, whether you’re sad or happy about it, it’s time for the Obama to leave the White House and commence with as normal a life as they possibly can. Earlier this week,  moving trucks were spotted outside of the Obama’s new D.C. digs as movers began unloading the first families belongings. Neighbors tries to get a glimpse of the items, but received no such luck as the furniture was perfectly covered with opaque plastic.

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Beginning in just a few short hours, home for Barack, Michelle, Sasha and Malia will be the upscale D.C. neighborhood Kalorama. The family will rent a nine-bedroom mansion while Sasha finishes up her high school years. Malia, who was accepted to Harvard, is taking a gap year. The home was owned by former White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart. Lockhart, who worked under Bill Clinton, has since moved onto a career with the NFL.

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But before the family begins to settle in and decide which cabinet to keep the peanut butter, they’ll take a well deserved family vacation to Palm Springs, Calif. “He and his family have enjoyed the time they spent there in the past, and they’re looking forward to traveling there on Friday,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Tuesday during Obama’s last press conference.

All the crying face emojis. All of them.