Paula Patton Claims Robin Thicke Threatened To “Bash Her Head In” In Court Statement


Actress Paula Patton has issued a restraining order against ex-husband, R&B singer Robin Thicke, according to the New York Daily News. Signed on Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Thicke is prohibited from coming within 100 feet of his former high school sweetheart, their six-year-old son Julian or Patton’s mother.

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According to sworn statements Patton made in court, Thicke was abusing drugs and alcohol, admitted to infidelity and was violent towards her during their marriage, which lasted for nearly ten years.

Patton claims that on Valentine’s Day 2013, Thicke “had attempted to have sex with some girl in the second bedroom” of their rented bungalow at the Chateau Marmont. TMZ also reports that she recounted one of Thicke’s violent episodes towards her, in which he said he would “bash her f**king head in.”

“According to Paula’s declaration filed in support of her domestic violence restraining order in May 2013 at the Cannes Film Festival … she and Robin got into a fight and Robin hit her with a closed fist to her upper body and then pushed her onto the ground.  She claims he threatened multiple times to ‘bash my f**king head in.'”

“He would scream, shout and rage at me,” she explained. “He would scream that he makes all of the money and how dare I suggest to him how he should behave or live his life.” Patton also claims that Robin has a “serious” cocaine issue, and explained to her that he had unprotected sex with “six or seven other women” after returning from his tour.

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“A Los Angeles judge previously shot down Patton’s request to reduce her former husband’s interaction with their son, but things changed Thursday when Thicke and Patton appeared in court,” writes the Daily News. “Both Thicke and Patton appeared before the judge in a Los Angeles courtroom to ask for complete custody of Julian, and the judge reportedly sided with the boy’s mother.”