Salute: President Obama’s Approval Ratings Hit High Mark


There’s (gulp) two days left in President Barack Obama’s final term, and it appears that he’s just as popular at the end of his run as POTUS as he was at the beginning of it.

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According to the latest poll conducted by CNN/ORC, President Obama’s approval rating with Americans is at 60 percent, the highest for him since June 2009. Among past Presidents, Obama ranks quite high for exit approval ratings. He is only outranked by President Bill Clinton (66 percent in Jan. 2001) and President Ronald Reagan (64 percent in Jan. 1989).

The poll also shows that Obama’s presidency displayed a heavy divide amongst Democrats and Republicans.

“While 54% of Democrats consider Obama one of the greatest presidents, 54% of Republicans call him a poor president,” CNN writes. “Though he has earned near universal approval among Democrats (95% approve), just 18% of Republicans say they approve of how he handled the presidency.”

Meanwhile, President-elect Donald Trump is entering the White House with the lowest approval ratings for an incoming President in nearly 40 years, according to polls conducted by  CNN/ORC, The Washington Post and ABC News (a measly 40 percent).

Some won’t realize we’ve got a good thing until he’s gone.

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