Serena Williams Bursts Out Her Shell And Dances For Herself In New Ad Campaign


Serena Williams is definitely estranged to playing it safe on the tennis court, coming down off the high of having the most single Grand Slam titles (22) of a male or female athlete. But she’s slowly revealing her inner “Dancing Queen” with her appearance in Beyonce’s “Sorry” video and now, a new solo stint in an ad campaign, titled #DoItForYourself, for Berlei’s sports bra. In the video, released to the masses this past Wednesday (Jan. 11), the tennis star burst out of her training bubble and let loose to a studio version of Billy Idol’s “Dancing With Myself.”

“I think it’s so important to do everything in your life for you, and I believe ultimately, you get the best results that way.”

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And dancing is one of those things that the brand ambassador does just for her. In another video entitled, “Serena Williams: Behind the Dance,” Williams works with a choreographer to break free from a “training shell” she didn’t even know existed.

In the aforementioned scene, Williams is working with the instructor on a routine when she expresses, “Now with dance it’s like, ‘Oh I can do this, I can do that, I can relax?’ Like I don’t have to be so strict and so disciplined and so black and white.” Although in an oxymoronic scenario of being taught to engage in such a discipline-free art form, Williams focuses on what the Australian brand’s campaign means to women everywhere.

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“We focus on so many other people, when all we really want is to be confident in ourselves; successful for ourselves. That’s the way I feel women are growing to be – strong and powerful.” Standing as a prime example of what she sees as the future of women, Serena Williams allows her favorite Berlei “High Performance” bra support her on the court and whatever location she claims as her dance floor.

Take a look at the #DoItForYourself ad campaign video below.