Pastor Shirley Caesar Defends Kim Burrell And Somehow Thinks This Is All Obama’s Doing

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In America, the land of free and home of the brave, being a homosexual still rubs certain people the wrong way. When Kim Burrell’s homophobic rant went viral, the beloved Gospel singer whose appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show was later canceled, defended her comments. Now, it appears as if  Pastor Shirley Caesar, of the Mount Calvary Word of Faith church, is standing behind Burrell and somehow pointing the blame at President Barack Obama.

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During a sermon Wednesday (January 4) at Maryland’s First Baptist Church of Glenarden, the 78-year-old said Burrell should’ve spoken up years ago before Obama made being homosexual acceptable. “You (Kim Burrell) should’ve said something four years ago when our president made that stuff alright” Caesar said.

In a longer clip also posted to Twitter, Caesar suggested that pastors should keep their thoughts in house and probably take phones at the door to avoid the backlash Burrell experienced.

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All of this began when Burrell, who is featured on the Pharrell Williams’ produced Hidden Figures soundtrack went on a rant calling homosexuals “sinners” and “perverted.” After causing an uproar online, Burrell stood by her comments despite offending many. Since then conversations about homosexuality and the black church have erupted.

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What do you think? Are Shirley Caesar and Kim Burrell correct in their beliefs about the gay community, or is this just homophobia at its purest?