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Only One Person Has Smoked Snoop Dogg Under The Table

And it's not Wiz Khalifa.

It’s always a high time to kick it with the Long Beach, California rap legend Snoop Dogg about his favorite pastime: weed. “It’s medicine,” he says. “I think it medicates me.” Last week, in a quick conversation while on set in L.A. for a top secret project, the Doggfather waxed poetic on the ways that Mary Jane clears his lane. “[It’s] what the world is based on now. It’s more medicated and dedicated, so you got to look at it like it’s healing people,” he says, straight-faced.

Yet, the benefits get a little too loose when taken orally for the Dogg. “The edibles is another way to medicate yourself. It’s also a great way to feel good about what you doing, without everybody knowing what you doing. I respect that and at the same time, I don’t cus I can’t have control and I lose control of my everything when I do that.” Snoop continues his reasoning, “Cus it’s in my bloodstream, it’s all over me and I don’t like feeling like that, so I don’t do it.”

Being known as a worldwide smoke master, of course, challenges come to Snoop from the best of the puff, puff pass blowers. Even his young “nephew,” superstar artist Wiz Khalifa, has tried to test the THC levels of the Dogg. The proof was there during a live show in December 2016, where the Taylor Gang founder gave up the mission of out-smoking Snoop in front of thousands of Houston concertgoers. “Wiz Khalifa can’t out-smoke me. He can’t. He’s a young, aspiring… his karate is good, but he could never,” Snoop says while smirking.

The only iron lung that can outlast the Dogg is the one and only, country music icon, Willie Nelson. “That’s the only person that’s ever smoked me under the table,” Snoop says. When asked how does one know that they have been out-smoked, Snoop answers, “When you want to stop. When you are looking for an exit. You understand me? There is a rotation that’s going around like a track meet. Then all of a sudden somebody passes you the baton and you’re like, ‘I’mma stand over here while y’all run that sh** out.’”

All of the smoke sessions can build up a mighty munchies mood and Snoop has the ultimate snack for the attack. “One of the best stoner snacks is fried bologna with cheese. Then you gotta throw your favorite potato chips in there, inside of the sandwich. [Put it] on top of the [skillet] ‘til it bubble up and then you flip it over and put the cheese on it. C’mon Cuz!”

As for the level of family business with the recreation of choice, Snoop explains, “None of my kids drink, but smoke… responsibly [laughs]. I try to be an example, try not to be hypocritical. How can I tell them not to when I do? It’s just the way that I do, I do it very respectfully.” This thought wave speaks to the very essence of who Snoop is 24/7, with or without the peace pipe. Be on the lookout for his new endeavors within the smoke cloud consumer space.

For more on weed and good vibes, check out Billboard’s "The Reefer Revolution," where Wiz Khalifa pens his thoughts on the future of marijuana industry, 2 Chainz shows them his favorite weed dispensary and more.

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A Musical Inspired By 'Soul Train' Could Be Headed To Broadway

A musical inspired by the 1970s classic black television program, Soul Train, is on the radar for a Broadway debut. Host and creator, Don Cornelius, debuted the highlights of black music and culture.  The syndicated program ran from 1971- 2006, featuring guests like Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, and more.

The New York Times reports that a creative team of three of the most influential black women in the modern-day theater world will be the core of production. Kamilah Forbes, executive producer for the Apollo Theater, will sit as director, Camille A. Brown (Choir Boy) will choreograph, and Dominique Morisseau (Ain't Too Proud) sits as the writer for the script.

Questlove posted on his Twitter with the news.

Soul Train’s A Comin....

— A New Love: Questlove (@questlove) August 19, 2019

He will sit alongside Tony Cornelius, Don Cornelius' son, as executive producer.

Known for it's famous "Soul Train" line, the musical will center the in-studio performers. "I thought it would be so interesting to tell the story of the dancers and Don, in connection and in contrast and in contradiction and in conflict with each other," Morisseau said.

The playwright also will infuse the different "origins of dance culture and the black experience."

Don Cornelius stepped down as the host in 1993. He later died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in 2012 in his Los Angeles home. He was 75.

The musical is aiming for a 2021 premiere.

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SZA Reveals Sophomore Album Is On the Way

2017 was a monumental year for R&B artist SZA. The sultry and soulful singer dropped her album Ctrl, garnering the most Grammy Award nominations for a female artist in 2018.

In an interview on Kerwin Frost Talks, "The Weekend" songstress alluded that her next studio album is coming "soon as f**k." "Everybody I f**k with and respect never had an issue on sophomore albums. People who make real music, no bullsh*t, have never struggled with a sophomore album," she said. "It is a little bit to dance in your brain like 'What do people want from me?' And then you just gotta make sh*t that feels good."

Following an MTV Video Music Award, a BET Award for Best New Artist, a Billboard Music Award for Top R&B Female Artist, two Soul Train Music Awards, and three NAACP Image Awards, her highly-anticipated project is coming from a place that she compares to cognitive dissonance. The New Jersey native is inspired by the sounds of Billie Holiday, John Coltrane, Björk, and Wu-Tang Clan.

With no official release date announced, fans can only wonder if they will have all of the feels that her debut album successfully achieved.

Watch the full interview below.

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Actor Tray Chaney attends "Traffik" Atlanta VIP Screening at Regal Atlantic Station on April 16, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia.
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'The Wire's' Tray Chaney Shares His Testament In Self-Entitled Documentary Trailer

You may have seen Tray Chaney as Malik "Poot" Carr on the HBO Emmy-nominated drama series The Wire where he starts as a neighborhood drug dealer in the Barksdale organization and slowly moves up in ranks. He has also starred in a list of roles including Bounce TV's  Saints & Sinners as Kendrick Murphy and was nominated in 2019 at the International Christian Film Festival for Best Actor: Short Film in Angels in Rocket Field. 

After being accepted as an "Official Selection" during the Black Continental Independent Movie Awards in Silver Spring, Maryland, Chaney released the documentary trailer for Undeniable: The Tray Chaney Story under his Undeniable (Wired Different) campaign on Thursday (Aug. 15). The potential docuseries will follow the narratives of the journeys of The Wire cast members, how they landed their roles, what happened when the television series ended in 2008, and what they are doing now.

Under the production of Commodore Independent Filmworks and Safe House Films DC. Chaney's 45-minute episode features testimonials from Big Daddy Kane, Clifton Powell, Kenny Lattimore, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Russ Parr, Jd Williams, Keith Robinson, Anwan Big G Glover, and Black Child. His former co-star Idris Elba also shows his support for the documentary.

"Just know how hard he hustles," says Anwan "Big G" Glover.

The less than 2-minute snippet touches on the framework of Chaney, his eagerness and willingness to learn,  even mentioning his journey on Saints & Sinners as "the work of the Gods".

Watch the trailer for Undeniable: The Tray Chaney Story below.

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