There Was Nothing Funny About Sofia Vergara’s Golden Globes “Joke”

The joke was on Sofia Vergara at the Golden Globes, Sunday night (Jan. 8). The Modern Family actress stunned viewers at home when she followed through with a crass joke while introducing this year’s Misses Golden Globes of all things.

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“The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has an anal tradition,” Vergara said. “I didn’t mean … they have an anus tradition. They have a tradition that they do every year of choosing a second-generation performer to assist in the presentation of the awards.”

While the Colombian star’s presence in entertainment should be a win for her culture, her decision to comply with stereotypes attached to Latin America throughout her career is an ever-extending loss, and the fact that producers are pushing out content that makes a woman a laughing stock because of her native tongue reveals just how far Hollywood has yet to go.

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What’s representation if it’s not done right? Here’s what the Internet had to say: