Taxstone’s DNA Reportedly Found On Gun Used In Irving Plaza Shooting

Rap podcast host Taxstone (31), government name Darryl Campbell, remains in police custody after he was arrested on Monday (Jan 16) on gun charges connected to the Troy Ave shooting that took place at Irving Plaza in 2016.

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The NY Times reports police documents show that Campbell’s DNA was found on the “trigger, hand grip and magazine of the 9-millimeter Kel-Tec semiautomatic handgun that was used in the shooting in the V.I.P. green room of a crowded Manhattan concert venue.”

Detective Jose Flores of the NYPD confirmed the complaint against Taxstone — which also reportedly ties the hip-hop personality to the weapon through video evidence. According to reports, the gun that was used in the shooting was later pulled from a secret compartment in the car that Troy was riding in after the incident. It’s said to contain the DNA of both Campbell and Troy Ave, who was also caught on camera firing the gun.

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Taxstone’s lawyer, Kenneth Montgomery only gave a few brief comments to the press .“He’s doing as best he can for anybody charged with a federal crime,” Mr. Montgomery said of his client. “He’s a smart young man, and he’s concerned about his family, like anyone would be.”

Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.