Taxtsone Placed On House Arrest After Posting $50,000 Bail

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Hip hop podcaster and personality Taxstone has reportedly been released from custody after posting bail. His release follows the previous arrest and arraignment regarding his connection to the fatal Irving Plaza shooting that occurred during a T.I. concert in spring 2016.

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Taxstone, whose legal name is Daryl Campbell, was placed on house arrest following his release. A judge mandated that he is only allowed to leave the house to record his podcast; other work-related trips will require a judge’s approval, Billboard confirms. Reuters adds the personality paid 10 percent ($50,000) of the $500,000 bail.

The Taxstone Season personality was arrested on Monday (Jan. 16) on one charge of criminal possession of a weapon after authorities identified what was believed to be his DNA used on the gun that ultimately killed rapper Troy Ave’s bodyguard, Ronald McPhatter. In addition to leaving one dead, three others were injured during the May 2016 incident.

Troy Ave was previously arrested in relation to the Irving Plaza shooting in July 2016, after shocking footage from the venue’s security cameras showed the rapper firing a hand gun into a crowd. Police now believe Ave was firing at Taxstone, after he was seen on surveillance entering the room where the shooting happened and running out after the incident. He was later released on a $500,000 bond after pleading not guilty to charges of attempted murder and criminal possession of a weapon.

Taxstone’s legal team stated that they are appealing the current ruling in regards to his case. The appeal will reportedly take place next Wednesday (Jan. 24). They also claim threats towards the rapper by Tax heard on his podcast were taken out of context.

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