Texas Woman And Her Son Take Shelter In A Bathtub To Survive Turbulent Tornado


A slew of tornados have metastasized throughout the south, spreading across Georgia, Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas. In the midst of these natural disasters, there have been instances of death and injury. Yet it seems that one Texas woman and her son woke up on mother nature’s good side despite a tornado ravaging their home.

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Charlesetta Williams and her son fled to their bathtub for protection, when suddenly they were flung 200 yards away from their home through the air. Both hid in the bathtub under a quilt as the tornado made its way towards Marion County Road. Reportedly, as they were in the tub, the harsh winds ripped off their roof and then took hold of the bath. They landed in a nearby woods, remarkably without harm.

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The son landed a few yards away from his mother, but was not harmed.

“The tornado lifted the tub out of the home and deposited it in the woods with the woman still in the tub,” storm watchers told KSLA News.

According to family members, they believe “God was watching over her.”