Travis Scott Kicks “Worst DJ” Off The Stage, Continues The Job Himself


Travis Scott was none too pleased with the DJ working his set during a Dec. 30 performance at New City Gas Nightclub in Montreal, Canada. As a result, the Missouri City, Texas native decided to kick him off the stage mid-way his set through to work the 1s and 2s on his own.

“Just play a song, you f**kng moron,” the Houston musician can be heard saying to the DJ in a video uploaded of the incident. “The worst DJ in Montreal is right there on stage, yo.”

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During Scott’s performance of “Pick Up The Phone,” the DJ hit one of the trigger buttons too early. “Yo, get off the stage please,” La Flame says to the DJ before addressing the crowd. “Yo, this f**king trash a** DJ is f**king up everything I’m doing right now, man, it’s pissing me off.”

Eventually, the DJ left the stage during his performance of “Goosebumps.” Later on in the clip, Scott can be seen pulling double-duty by both rapping and mixing. When the DJ tries to get back on the stage, Scott starts scratching and reversing the track that’s playing.

Scott has not addressed the issue via social media, but a few fans of the musician seem to be siding with the DJ. One YouTube commenter wrote, “i love my mans trav but i dont know he aint gotta be so rude to the DJ,” while another wrote “That’s deada** rude.”

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Fans who were in attendance were allegedly not pleased either, but for another reason. They went to see a full Travis show, but it ended up being 20 minutes long. In a deleted tweet, Travis apologized for the short set, writing, “Montreal that was amazing Sorry my set was short. That’s all I was asked. Didn’t know this was a show. We were told it was a club.”

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