Usain Bolt Forfeits 2008 Gold Medal Because Teammate’s Doping Test Ruled Positive


After making history as the first sprinter to snag three gold medals at three consecutive Olympic Games, Usain Bolt will be forced to lose a medal, USA Today reports.

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The Jamaican runner will have to relinquish his 2008 Beijing Games gold medal because his teammate, Nesta Carter, was caught with traces of methylhexaneamine after reanalysis of his testing samples. The announcement about the 31-year-old runner was made by the IOC on Wednesday (Jan. 25), but this sanction wasn’t a complete surprise as The Guardian reported in 2016 that Bolt may lose his medal.

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Last June, Bolt told The Guardian, “Things happen in life, so when it’s confirmed or whatever, if I need to give back my gold medal I’d have to give it back, it’s not a problem for me.” Bolt has been one of the most recognized runners of this generation and has proven that he’s deserving of these medals, but we imagine it’s still tough to part with one of the pieces of hardware that started his road to running immortality.