10 Responses To The #WomensMarch That Clap Back At White Feminism


Womxn and allies took to the streets in droves on the morning of Jan. 21, 2017 in what was positioned to be a collective effort to champion womxn’s rights and protest our daily struggles and lived experiences. In a country that continues to make it perilous to be female in far too many spaces, womxn and men and even children from all walks raised their fists and picket signs in the name of equality, protection, and liberty, making the rally the largest inaugural protest recorded in U.S. history.

If you happened to be a marching womxn of color on the heels of Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration, however, you felt entirely too conflicted aligning yourself with the very people who not only helped him win, but have historically failed to recognize the varied forms of oppression that black and brown womxn continue to come up against even to this day. If you were of the likes who put their differences aside, pulling yourself up by the bootstraps to rage against the machine, you inevitably found yourself in circles that made you feel invalidated, invisible or exoticized, and not as important. And the many responses from WOC and non-WOC (and even men) in both the trenches and at home, prove it. Here are 10 sobering tweets that clap back at white feminists seen playing nice with law enforcement and meticulously posing for pictures alongside elaborate vagina posters.

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