YG Denounces Soulja Boy & Chris Brown’s Ties To Bompton


As the stakes rise over the Soulja Boy and Chris Brown fiasco, artists who have proven ties to gangs are showing their disinterest of questionable gang propaganda the men have spewed. The latest to share his thoughts on the matter is YG.

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On Friday (Jan. 6), Soulja Boy spoke with Hollywood Unlocked about the origins of his troubles with the “Party” singer. The rapper didn’t mind blaming the whole beef on his “friendship” with Rihanna, which Breezy wasn’t too fond off. In addition to a few odd outbursts, the Atlanta native explained he was a member of the Blood gang by claiming Compton as his home.

“Me and Chris Brown are from the same hood,” he said. “I’m from Bompton, Fruit Town Piru. I’m a member of the Blood gang. CB is too, supposedly. Once we came out to LA, that’s who we got down with. When I was in Atlanta, I was out there gangbanging at 11-years-old. I’ve been fighting n****s my whole life since high school, in front of the whole school. CB hasn’t been to the hood in two years; he has to check in. I was just in the hood.”

While we know how that went, YG shared his thoughts on the matter via Twitter.


The Game also shared the same sentiment on Instagram.

Aside from his music, the rapper has shared stories growing up among gang life. In an interview with VIBE, YG shared how he was left to sell his soul to stay alive. “You get jumped on by a certain amount of people for a certain amount of time,” he said. “I gave my life up for this gangbang shit. The moment you get put on you gotta bang the hood and be involved in gang activities. I’m not trying to say I sold my soul, but I dedicated my life to the set. You could end up dead or in jail for the rest of your life; you feel me?”

Well then.

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