25 Times Rap Songs Have Referenced The Grammy Awards

This past Sunday (Feb 12), the 59th annual Grammy Awards took over the Staples Center in Los Angeles. For Hip Hop, the ceremony has always been a hit or miss situation — often involving major politics when it comes to the winners. However, we were pleasantly surprised with Chance The Rapper’s three-peat this year.

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Over the last several decades, rap artists have grabbed the mic to express their views about the Grammys, whether it be fantasies about winning one, boasting about previous wins or their displeasure with the awards. Here, we have compiled a list of 25 different Grammy references in rap songs throughout the years. The list includes artists who all had something to say about Music’s Biggest Night.

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1) Big Pun feat. Donell Jones “Its So Hard” (2000)
“In Miami almost came home with the Grammy, next year brining home ten for the family”-

2) JAY Z “Change the Game” (2000)
“Ex sinner, Grammy award winner, ballin repeatedly highlights on SportsCenter.”

3) Future “Grammys” (2016)
“They gon think I won a Grammy!”

4) Eminem “The Real Slim Shady” 2000
“You think I give a dam about a Grammy? Half of you critics cant even stomach me let alone stand me”

5) Kanye West “Diamonds From Sierra Leone”(2005)
“Grammy night, dam right we got messed up, bottle after bottle till we got messed up”

6) Sauce Money “Pre-Game” (2000)
“Before my album dropped cop the Grammy, uncanny”

7) NORE “Grimey” (2002)
“In Miami, pun shoulda won a Grammy, this year I’ll bring the shit home to his family”

8) Mr. Cheeks “Channel Zero”(1996)
“Ayo, I wants no Grammy, ya whiteys gave Elvis a stamp and what ya plan to give my man Sammy”

9) Sheek Louch “The Family”
“Years in this rap game, still no Grammy, yall use the word loosely when yall say the word family”

10) Diddy “The Future” (2006)
“I’m Grammy certified the committee can pick me now and they all green with envy like Bill Bixby, bow down kiss the tip of my cane, I paid sixty thou’”

11) Ma$e “Blood is Sticker” (1999)
“Wasn’t for your mami I wouda got the Grammy, but that’s what nigga’s get goin against they family”

12) Drake on 2 Chainz song, “No Lie” (2012)
“She could have a Grammy, I still treat her ass like a nominee”

13) Ol’ Dirty Bastard “Burnin it up” 2004
“Shut down the Grammys, ask ya Grammy, Wu-Tang for the kids, but your host cant stand me”

14) Chance The Rapper’s verse on Kanye West “Ultra Light Beam” (2016)
“I hear you gotta sell shit to snatch the Grammy”

15) Rick Ross feat. JAY Z “Movin’ Bass”
“Grammy nominated once but I’m still movin base”

16) Jay Electronica “The Curse of Mayweather” (2016)
“He’s got eleven Grammy nominations, yall not equal man fuck these white people”

17) JAY Z’s verse on Ludacris’s “I Do It For Hip Hop” (2008)
“I lost a lot of dogs on these streets, I got Grammy awards on these beats”

18) Common “Rewind That” (2014)
“The Lupus got worse and, for what its worth I wanted him to have a Grammy before he left this earth”

19) Nas “Nas Will Prevail” (pre-illmatic) (1994)
“Gimme a Grammy competition is dead like Sammy”

20) Master P “Weed and Money” (1997)
“After big bucks no whammies, on our way to the Grammys”

21) Wiz Khalifa “Sky High” (2009)
“See I’m hot now going for a Grammy though, think this bitch bad you should see my Miami ho”

22) Dave East feat. Cam’ron “SDE” (2016)
“Tryna win the Grammy off of Grandz & Buda I want the moolah!”-

23) Wale “The Perfect Plan” (2008)
“I don’t give a fuck about grands see my mind’s on a Grammy”

24) Drake “Forever” 2009
“Trade the Grammy plaques just to have my granny back, remember she had that bad hip like a fanny pack”

25) Kanye West on Consequence’s “Grammy Family” (2007)
“Good music my Grammy family, useed to bump the demo up outta the Camry, now I’m hopping out the limo or either the Lam, B”