5-Year-Old Recreates Photos Of Iconic Black Women For Every Day Of Black History Month


This is how you celebrate Black History Month.

A kindergartener in Washington state paid homage to iconic black women for every day in the month of February. With help from her mother, Cristi Smith-Jones, 5-year-old Lola transformed into the likes of Ida B. Wells, Rosa Parks, Zora Neale Hurston, Harriet Tubman, Nina Simone, Michelle Obama, and more.

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The idea to emulate powerful examples during Black History Month, was sparked in January, after Lola came home from school and told her parents that she learned about Martin Luther King Jr.

Lola’s parents decided it was time to have a discussion with her about slavery and the fight for civil rights.  “She seemed to understand where we were coming from,” Smith-Jones told CNN. “Since it’s a heavy topic, we wanted to find a way to make learning about black history fun for her.”

Check out some of Lola’s Black History Month transformations below.

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