Barcelona To Host Massive Concert For Refugees


Barcelona will host over 50 artists in a sold-out concert to raise money and awareness for refugees. On Saturday (Feb. 11), Joan Manuel Serrat will be joined by Manolo Garcia, Antonio Orozco and many others in a televised performance at Palau St. Jordi, a stadium originally designed for the 1992 Olympics.

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The show, organized by nonprofit organization Casa Nostra Casa Vostra, has already sold out its 15,000 seats and is sure to be a good time, featuring a slew of top tier artists down for the cause. The show will broadcast live by Catalunya’s TV and be transmitted through four regional radio networks.

Ruben Wagensberg, co-founder and coordinator of Casa Mostra Casa Vostra is overwhelmed by people’s reactions to the ambitious endeavor. “The response has been huge and not only from artists,” he tells Billboard. “So many businesses and media have come out in support of the campaign.”

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Organizers are referring to this event as “Refugees Welcoming Night” and its main purpose has been to spark change in a country where the government and politicians “lack the will to deal with the crisis.” The sold-out concert speaks volumes for the cause and Wagensberg understands that saying, “There’s a big difference between me going to government offices to ask for action without having done anything, and showing up there after having filled the Palau Sant Jordi.”