Authorities Fine Connecticut Couple After They Refused To Remove Racial Slur From Their Home

An interracial couple were the victims of racial discrimination, and now they’re paying the hefty price for someone else’s actions.

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The couple’s residence was reportedly vandalized with a racial slur over Martin Luther King. Jr. weekend, but because they failed to cover it up, they received a fine, reports The Stamford Advocate. The city reportedly hit them with a $100 a day mandate. Heather Lindsay, who’s white, and Lexene Charles, who’s black, said their home was desecrated in the past.

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Lindsay adds that Stamford authorities have yet to thoroughly examine the situation, and that she will not remove the slur until they do. However, representatives from the NAACP called for a full investigation on the incident on Monday (Feb. 21). Authorities plan to canvass the neighborhood to ensure the couple is safe.

Stamford’s director of public safety says an investigation is underway.