Azealia Banks Wants Nicki Minaj And Lil Kim To End Their Feud


For whatever reason, Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj don’t get along. The formidable female lyricists have been at odds for many moons and their beef has unintentionally helped fuel the notion women in hip-hop can’t work together or get along, (which by the way is a farce) A Queen Bee-Nicki Minaj collaboration would be monumental on so many levels, but it appears as though that’s just wishful thinking.

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Kim took to social media this weekend to announce she’s working on a new record, and a few weeks back after Nicki confirmed she and Meek Mill split, she also told fans she’s back in the studio. Now, Azealia Banks may not be anyone’s favorite, and has done a great job at souring her own reputation, but the Harlem emcee posted to social media this weekend to offer pretty sound advice for the two women.

#Roommates do you agree with #AzealiaBanks?

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Banks has tried several times to get Minaj and Kim’s attention by way of unflattering commentary, and both women have ignored the young lyricist, which could be an indication of what they’ll do when they get wind of this. However, it doesn’t mean that THIS particular comment is wrong.

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Thoughts? Think Azealia Banks actually has a point, or should she just keep quiet? Sound off