Barack and Michelle Obama Are Looking For Interns


Ever since Barack, Michelle and the girls left the White House, it’s safe to say the American people have felt like Cee-Lo at the Grammys. (Insert image of an angry, gold-figured, bald chubby man walking about aimlessly) And what makes matters worse (well not really) is the former president and First Lady seem to be having a ball while vacationing. Well as soon as the couple finishes up their well-deserved fun in the sun, they’ll get back to work and according to reports, they’ll need some help.

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Per CNBC, The Office of Barack and Michelle Obama are looking for interns. But not just any old intern to sit by the printer and run and get coffee. If you’re going to intern for the Obamas you’ve got to be stellar. According to the description they’re looking for someone who “takes initiative, manages their time well, have strong attention to detail, solid writing skills and the utmost commitment to public service.”

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The highly-sought after gig will take place at the couple’s new Washington home from Feb. 27 to June 16. But hate to be the bearer of bad news, applications for the internship were due Feb. 8. But it’s cool. It’s totally cool, we’re sure they’ll be summer internship too, or at least we hope.