8 Of The Best Hip-Hop Merch Lines In Recent Memory


Artists are always looking for ways to extend their relationship with fans outside the lines of music. Over time, merchandise from tours or upcoming albums has provided fans with a close bond to their favorite acts.

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It’s almost no surprise that other celebrities are looking to cash in on the growing trend. Take Kylie Jenner, who recently announced her new merch line, “THICK!,” inspired by the trend and perhaps Moschino. While the line has caused a bit of controversy before its Valentine’s Day release, we’ve decided to revisit some of our favorite merch lines from the past two years. These lines were not only ideal for artist revenue but influenced other acts to get creative for their fans.

From vanishing pop-up shops to condoms, here are the best hip-hop merch lines in recent memory. See them in the gallery above.

- Pedro Pincay and Michael Saponara 

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