Bevel Launches LGBTQ ‘Black Love’ Campaign For Valentine’s Day


Bevel launched a campaign today (Feb. 8) celebrating the love of the underrepresented portion of the “black love” community. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Bevel makes a wave with their “Bevel Black Love” campaign, which acknowledges that “there has never been a more important time to celebrate diversity and emphasize the value of every person–no matter who you are or who you love.”

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Bevel set out to commemorate the multi-faceted diversity of their consumer community. The campaign features a two men in several embracing shots with the slogans “Upgrade His Grooming Game” and “Play Matchmaker With Your Man’s Skin” across select images.

Amidst the dangerous reality that the current presidential administration hosts a vice president who fervently opposes same-sex marriage, this Valentine’s Day advertisement is a much-needed refresher.

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Flip through the gallery to check out the celebratory “Bevel Black Love” campaign, head over to Bevel’s site to gift your significant other a shaving kit subscription, and check out the couple’s Instagram and Facebook as they continue to increase visibility of queer couples of color.