Beyonce Reportedly Plans To Host A Few Guests Onstage For Grammy Awards Performance

Beyoncé is an artist known for putting on an unforgettable live performance full of incomparable dance moves. But, according to a source close to the singer, she won’t be going as hard on the stage as she usually does.

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The source told TMZ that Queen Bey is “very pregnant,” and as a result the routine she plans on showcasing at the 59th Grammy Awards has been constantly changing. Apparently, the official rundown won’t be solidified until Saturday night (Feb. 11). But, the only thing that seems to be set in stone is the pace of the show and the fact that it will still be up to par on the Houstonian’s standards.

TMZ also reports that there will be an “elaborate digital screen onstage” which will create movement to complement the reduced pace, in addition to guest cameos.

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Considering the “Hold Up” singer’s past performances and collab history, the alleged cameos could be just about anyone or a few dozen hologram Bey’s.

Although it’s unsure of what this means for Coachella ticket holders, one thing is certain: the Grammy performance on Sunday (Feb. 12) won’t be anything less than amazing because Beyoncé.

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