Beyonce Gifts Fans With A New Version Of Her “Love Drought” Video



Beyonce obviously believes in giving, which is what she continues to does when it comes to loyal members of the Beyhive. After Sunday night’s performance at the 59th Annual Grammys, the Lemonade singer gifted fans with new visuals for her song “Love Drought.”

Back in April, Bey released the full-length movie on HBO which went onto earn an Emmy nomination, and while there are similarities between the original and what was re-released, viewers will notice a few details that make the new clip different.

In the nearly three-minute video, it begins with Beyonce laying down in the middle of an empty football stadium as Warsan Shire’s words express the emotions seen on Bey’s troubled face. From there, Beyonce leads a fleet of black women as they walk through water while the sun is setting. Similar to her Grammy performance, Bey is flanked by rose pedals and women on all sides of her to show the power of femininity.

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For Beyonce fans, Grammy night was a lot to take in. Seeing her perform while pregnant with twins, receiving two Grammys as well as praise from Adele who won Album of The Year made for an eventful evening, only for fans to learn she along with Jay Z were featured on DJ Kahled’s “Shining.”

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Ladies and gentlemen, Beyonce has done it again.