Beyoncé Channels Yoruba Goddess Oshun In Maternity Album


Beyoncé stopped the world yet again when she announced her pregnancy earlier this week, complete with an album featuring stunning shots of her growing belly. What may not have been as obvious to the eye were Queen Bey’s references to the Yoruba tradition, which originated in Nigeria before expanding to Latin America via the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

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This isn’t the first time the Grammy Award-winning artist paid homage to the practice. Before channeling Oshun (also spelled Osun) while awaiting the arrival of her twin babies, Beyoncé paid tribute to the goddess of water, fertility and love in visual album Lemonade, most notably seen in “Hold Up.”


It’s fitting that Beyoncé would make the connection once more, using Warsan Shire’s poem “I Have Three Hearts” to tell the story of her maternity album, since twins – as pointed out by Remezcla – are believed to be magical in the religion.

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