Cam’ron And JuJu’s Dance-Off In Their Empty Living Room Is Truly Goals


Highest of keys, Cam’ron and Juju have been relationship goals for many moons. As Valentine’s Day descends upon us to spice up this boring Tuesday, the longtime couple took to Instagram to rub in our faces just how dope of a unit they are.  In their expensive home that isn’t fully furnished just yet, Killa and his cutie fiancee decided to have a an impromptu dance-off that’s equal parts hilarious, adorable, and makes us consider sending that “Hey bighead” text.

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Killa and Juju start off dancing to The Four Season’s classic “December 1963 (Oh What A Night)” and do everything from the classic Kid-N-Play dance, to their secret handshake. Things take a turn for the oh-so hilarious when Uncle Luke’s “Doo-Doo Brown” comes on and then we see first hand why Cam and Juju are truly what we should all aspire to be.

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Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovers.