CeeLo Green Aka Gnarly Davidson Fans Out Over Beyonce In “JAY Z’s Girl”


CeeLo Green is going to have some serous explaining to do when he sees JAY Z again. He actually owes an explanation to 80s music lovers as well, but that’s a whole other story.

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Right now let’s stick to his ultimate Beyonce fanboy music video for the appropriately titled “JAY Z’s Girl,” which is remake of Rick Springfield’s pop hit, “Jessie’s Girl.” On Valentine’s Day, the singer resurfaced under his new moniker Gnarly Davidson to introduce his much talked about visuals. Thankfully, he shed the gold costume, but that still doesn’t excuse him for this monstrosity.

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One question: why does she just have to be “JAY Z’s Girl,” though? Queen Bey is nobody’s woman… she runs this here music industry. Put some respek on her name, please.