Chance The Rapper Debuts ‘Same Drugs’ Video


Chance The Rapper has joined forces with puppets in the visuals for “Same Drugs.”

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Through a pinkish glossy backdrop, the Chicagoan is perched on a white piano with a muppet at his side, as he professes things aren’t the same anymore with an old group of friends. As the video comes to an end, Chano walks off the set towards a control room filled with fellow Muppet video producers.

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Initially, the “Juice” rapper released the video Monday (Feb. 6) through Facebook Live.

After the premiere, the Grammy-nominated rapper revealed why he chose to go with debuting the video on that platform. “I say, yo, I wanna put a video that I already recorded on Instagram Live, I wanna put it on Twitter Live, I wanna put it on Snapchat, and they said no,”  he said. “But would you look at that? That’s Facebook Live holding me down with a countdown to an HD premiere of my sh*t.”