Top Model: Chance The Rapper Plays Mannequin For New “Thank You Obama” Collection


Every celebrity you could possibly think of are dropping “Blessings” this Black History Month and Chance The Rapper just joined the squad. As if being nominated for seven Grammy’s as a indie artist while being selected to perform at the show wasn’t enough, he just dropped photos for a “Thank You Obama” apparel and art collection honoring the very missed former First Family.

The Coloring Book artist announced the surprise site on Twitter earlier this afternoon (Feb. 2) and it just went live.

The Joe Fresh Goods collection features everything that puts you in a nostalgic black pride mood, from an “America” All-Star jersey with the number ‘44’ printed on it, a “MALIA” university-inspired t-shirt with “we all smoke, it’s ok” printed in micro-letters and an airbrushed “Obama’s Wedding Tee.”

Considering the close, collaborative relationship between both Chicago-bred families, we can assume the collection has the post-presidential seal of approval. Browse the collection above and purchase your faves here.